Best aphrodisiacs for men: food list

Aphrodisiac products provide a man with an increase in sexual desire for a woman

Many men, when they have a problem with potency, solve it by simply running to a pharmacy and buying a libido booster. However, this is their main flaw, since the drugs have only a short-term effect, while they have a negative impact on health.A wiser solution is to consume aphrodisiac foods for men. A list of names can be found on many specialized sites.

What are male aphrodisiacs?

They are to be understood as products that are pheromones of natural origin or plant enzymes similar in composition to the sex hormones produced by the male body. With its use, there is a gentle increase in testosterone levels, which provides an increase in sexual desire. Knowing the products that belong to male aphrodisiacs and using them before intimacy, you can be sure of the high quality of sexual intercourse.

They provide men with another positive effect - increased blood flow to the penis, which makes a man more active in bed. And this brings more pleasure and pleasure in sexual intercourse with a woman.

The history of the use of aphrodisiacs dates back to ancient times, when there were no pharmacies and, in order to please their wives for a long time, men used special products. Healers of the time paid close attention to studying their effects on a man's body.

They selected the most potent ones and used them to prepare various potions and medicines. Now the task of increasing potency is easier for a man, since he does not have to look for a specific plant in the forest. It is enough to look in the grocery store, where you can find many aphrodisiacs of natural origin that increase libido.

effect on the body

Experts have long studied the effect on the male body of products that increase erection.Their influence is as follows:

  • provide an increase in libido;
  • have a positive effect on the pleasure center in the brain;
  • ensure a stable erection that lasts for a long time;
  • increase sexual pleasure;
  • stimulate the processes of rejuvenation of the body.

Products to increase male power of natural origin are attractive because they contain the optimal ratio of minerals and vitamins that appear in the male body when used.Thanks to useful components, it offers:

  • regulation of the level of sex hormones;
  • increased blood flow to the penis;
  • greater stamina in bed;
  • mood improvement.

All this allows each representative of the strong half of humanity to enjoy sexual intercourse without encountering intimate problems.

No less important is the human sense of smell. Aphrodisiacs act on the olfactory receptors, which send impulses to the nervous system. This causes the brain to stimulate the production of endorphins, which are biologically active substances. They cause euphoria in a man and lead to increased sexual desire.

List of products for potency

Some products increase potency. When used before intimacy, there is an opportunity for prolonged sexual intercourse. Among all the products that are considered aphrodisiacs, there is a certain group that is the most effective.

Prawns, oysters and fish

Oysters promote the production of testosterone and increase male potency

Many reviews of aphrodisiacs for men include seafood in their products. Every person who has ever tried them notes the wonderful taste of seafood. They contain in their composition a large number of useful substances that the body simply needs for normal functioning.

Both fish and shrimp, in particular, contain a sizeable helping of zinc, and they also contain such an important nutrient as protein. All these useful components provide increased production of the main sex hormone - testosterone, while helping to strengthen a man's body as a whole.

Red and black caviar

Aphrodisiacs include red and black caviar. Both the first and the second are rich in zinc and protein. They also contain amino acids. They contain minerals, as well as vitamins A, C, D, E. Among the trace elements in caviar you can find iodine, phosphorus and calcium. If caviar is used before intimacy, then potency improves and the level of hemoglobin in the blood increases, the amount of bad cholesterol decreases. Thus, this gourmet food is not only beneficial for increasing libido but also for improving men's health.


Since ancient times, people have known that this fruit is useful for increasing male power and improving fertility. Such properties are mainly due to the fact that avocados are rich in nutrients. Trace elements in its composition include potassium, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium. The vitamin group is represented by the elements A, C, PP, E. The main effect that occurs when using this fruit is an increase in potency.

In addition, however, avocados provide blood purification and act as a barrier against the appearance of cholesterol. It also improves memory. And also taking a green fruit can be considered as a means of preventing diseases of the heart and blood vessels. By including it in your diet, you can boost immune system defenses.


In many articles on aphrodisiac products, the list for men also includes nuts. Very often doctors recommend them to those who have certain problems with erection. Forest gifts allow you to increase male power and at the same time please your body with a large dose of vitamins E and C. In addition, if you eat another portion of nuts, a sufficient amount of trace elements such as potassium, zinc and calcium enters the body. In addition, nuts contain phosphorus and the required amount of protein. All useful substances are well absorbed by the body and, most importantly, have a positive effect on male strength.

pumpkin seeds and honey

The main value of these products lies in the content of a large number of useful elements that have a positive effect on male strength. In addition, you can effectively treat such an unpleasant disease as prostatitis.

Everyone knows the benefits of a product made by bees. Honey not only heals wounds well and allows you to treat colds, but is also useful for men - it increases the sexual abilities of the representatives of the strong half of humanity. If you have certain problems with erection, this folk remedy will allow you to easily correct the unpleasant situation.

onion and garlic

Although it is not a good idea to consume these foods before sexual intercourse due to their peculiar smell, incorporating them into your diet will bring benefits to your body. In addition to increasing libido, this pair also helps boost the immune system. The main reason onions and garlic increase erection is because they contain such an important trace element for male health as zinc. It is the basis for the formation of testosterone - the most important sex hormone in the male body.

Paprika, chili and cardamom

As early as the Middle Ages, these spices were known as excellent remedies for impotence. Their main advantage is that they contain zinc, without which it is impossible to build sex hormones. They are also rich in magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. When eating dishes to which these spices are added, the male body becomes aroused, which has a positive effect on the desire for sexual intercourse.

ginger and strawberry

Many people know ginger as a product that helps to quickly cope with a cold. Everyone knows ginger tea with honey and lemon very well - an effective remedy for colds.Another benefit of ginger is that it:

  • ensures a reduction in blood cholesterol levels;
  • perfectly cleans the vessels;
  • Useful berries, especially strawberries, help increase male libido
  • helps relieve pressure.

In addition, adding it to dishes allows you to get a positive effect in increasing potency. If you have certain erection problems, then you should pay attention to this product.

Strawberries can also help in increasing libido. This tasty berry is rich in antioxidants and also contains a large group of vitamins and endorphins that not only improve a man's mood but also sharpen his senses.

Healthy Drinks

In addition to the products, it makes sense to use drinks that are necessary for the male reproductive system. One of them is mulled wine. By combining delicious mulled wine with spices, you can achieve an increase in libido. The main thing is not to go beyond the norm and enjoy this remedy. Otherwise, the resulting sexual desire turns into relaxation for you, followed by drowsiness.

Now that you've decided on a proper diet, it's time to educate yourself about all aphrodisiac products for men. The article listing on any men's site will provide you with the much-needed information.

With an unstable erection, the best aphrodisiacs for men will help to enjoy sexual intercourse. They are available in every supermarket. Many men's websites write extensively about natural aphrodisiacs, products that help increase libido. There you will also find out which of them are the most effective.

If you include eggs, strawberries and honey in your diet, a man will not only strengthen the body, but at the same time increase his masculine power. Aphrodisiac products for men should be known by those who have weak erections. With regular use, you can cope with the existing problem and get rid of slumps in bed.